There are four basic styles of brake controllers. The first style is a timing activated brake controller. This control works with your brake switch to activate the trailer brakes at a predetermined amperage output. It can be mounted from anywhere and generally will be used for a short hauls, or a low weight capacity trailer. Some versions come with digital display and direct plug in capabilities. The second style of brake controller is inertia activated. These brake controls function the same as the timing activated with the exception of a pendulum sensor. With this style of brake controller the pendulum senses the inertia of the vehicle deceleration and proportionally stops the vehicle at the same rate. These brake controls have to be mounted to a certain degree and perform the best in areas without many inclines and declines. Some models come with digital displays and direct plug in. The third style is proportional activated. Completely redesigned from any previous brake controls, the proportional units are fitted with accelerometers that measure the g-force of the vehicle stopping. With swift reaction times and the smoothest capable stopping, these brake controls can handle any trailer in any situation. These brake controllers can come equipped with digital displays, diagnostics, direct plug in, and self adjustment. The forth and newest style is the hydraulic over electric controls. Mini computers that convert hydraulic and brake pedal pressure into electrical current. These controls will be equipped to handle any condition.

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